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January 19, 2020

Commercial Products & Services

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CCTV / Surveillance

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Loss prevention is a key element to running a business. Whether you need 1, 2 or 500 cameras, our trained staff can assess your needs and design a system that will help secure your business.

24 hour UL monitoring

We offer full UL monitoring and servicing.

Security / Intrusion

Whether you have a construction trailer or a warehouse needing protection, our trained technical staff can implement a strategic security plan and put it into action.

Card entry

Tired of having the locksmith coming out to change your locks every time an employee leaves or someone looses a key? Card entry has been used for decades and has now been influenced by biometrics to increase the security of your building by allowing a person to only enter a secured door by their finger print, their eyes, and sometimes both. Whether you need single door or multi-site/multi-door access system, we can help.

Fire Panels

Life safety is so very important to a building owner or management team. Let our staff sit down with you and assess your buildings needs and put into action a life safety system that will notify the proper authorities in the event there is ever a need for them.

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